Configuring ChessMachine for DICS isn't that hard. If you follow the steps beneath you'll be playing chess on DICS with ChessMachine in a few minutes.

Step 1. Unzip to a temporary folder

- Doubleclick on ChessMachine083.exe and follow the instructions

- After the installation is complete you can access the program by clicking on 'Start', 'Programs'

-Click on the Chessmachine icon to start the program
Step 2. Configure Chessmachine for playing on DICS
- Click 'File', 'Internet Chess Servers
- fill in dics as name
- click on ok
- Enter the data as shown on the screenshot to the right ->

- Click on Connect

- Playing games is quit simple and self explanatory i.m.h.o . If you can't figure out how to play try a tell to channel 1 . To do that you can type tell 1 I need help in the communication window of ChessMachine.