Setting up Winboard for DICS isn't that hard. If you follow the steps beneath you'll be playing chess on DICS with Winboard in a few minutes.

Step 1. Go to the directory in which you downloaded winboard-4_2_0beta.exe
Step 2. Install Winboard on your computer
- Double click winboard-4_2_0beta.exe

- Click 'next' in the screen which pops up
- Click 'next' in the following screen

- Click Yes If you want to use Winboard for examining .pgn and .fen files
- Click ok To Finish the Installation
Step 3. Playing with Winboard on DICS
- Click 'Start' , 'Programs' as shown on the screenshot to the right
- Click the Winboard folder
- Select Chess Servers - Other
- Click on the list down arrow as shown on the screenshot

Select: /icsport=5000 /icshelp=timeseal

Click Ok

The connection to DICS is now made enter your handle and password in the white (communication window)

You can offcourse do a lot more with winboard visit Ed Collins Winboard page to learn more